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Newdegate Field Days Community Project 2015

Plum Grove's Community Display at Newdegate 2015

The aim of the project was to honour our service men and women who have been involved in conflict and peacekeeping during the past 100 years, making special mention of the local community who have had family/ friends involved.

The timeline presented included stories, images, objects and documents. We were also kindly lent uniforms for the display.

The display also included the nominal rolls for Newdegate and Lake Biddy.

There were 3 parts to the display:

  1. Dyson Jones Shed with included the timeline, nominal rolls, uniforms and much more
  2. Bren Gun Carriers which were surrounded by poppies (made by the local art centre. Over a 1000 crochet poppies were made by the local art centre, AMAZING! and they were just beautiful. These also were in the Dyson Jones building.
  3. 10th Light Horse (two horses and riders were at the field days)

This is the second year that Plum Grove undertook this project with the community. We like to do things a bit differently, but we also like to have a community focus.

The project would not be possible without the Newdegate community, especially, Stephanie Clarke Lloyd who is on the field day committee. So much effort and pride went into the project and we are really happy to be part of the project.

The project, like last year has been donated to the community and displayed locally for a couple of months.


Photos From the Day


Download High Resolution PDF versions of the posters we presented at the Newdegate field day

PDF 1 - Our Community - WW1, WW2 (~5MB)


PDF 2 - WW2, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Citizens Military Forces Northam, Bill & Tim Lloyd (~9MB)